October 6
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 Gardening Tips For Flowers

Move or divide Daylilies at any time
By: MA
Spring or early fall are the ideal times to transplant Daylilies, but sometimes it is simply more convenient to do it during the summer. Trimming the
Posted on: November 25, 02

Tips on fertilizing established perennial beds
By: MA
Established perennial beds should be fertilized in early spring, if necessary. A soil test is the best way to find out what type and amount of
Posted on: November 25, 02

Mulching perennials helps to retain moisture and reduce weeding.
By: MA
Many kinds of mulching materials are now available to gardeners. This varies by region, since often mulches are a byproduct of some other industry,
Posted on: November 25, 02

Fertilizing, Pruning and Winterizing Roses
By: Cindy Welyczkowsky and Jane Martin
Throughout history roses have captivated the hearts and minds of
gardeners and non-gardeners alike, inspiring the creation of numerous
Posted on: October 11, 02

Getting Rid of Pests
By: Maryam Parsi
We all sometimes suffer from uninvited guests and, although we don't want to harm them, we do want to persuade them to leave our property. Here are
Posted on: July 15, 02

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