October 6
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Move or divide Daylilies at any time

By: MA

Posted on: November 25, 02

Spring or early fall are the ideal times to transplant Daylilies, but sometimes it is simply more convenient to do it during the summer. Trimming the foliage back is the key. Since transplanting and dividing both reduce the amount of healthy feeder roots, trimming the leaves back hard to compensate is necessary, or the plants will wilt severely and be set back as a result. Flowering might have to be sacrificed for the season.

A pair of scissors is the best tool for trimming the leafy green fans back to a length of four to six inches or so. Within a few weeks the clump will produce plenty of new foliage and be off to a great start in its new home. Potting the divisions for a few weeks (or even months) also works well, in the event of construction delays, moving house, or any other thing that makes a new planting spot temporarily unavailable.

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